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Seafood Sampler Menu

Menus | Seafood Sampler I Lox & Asparagus Salad Delicate ribbons with a creamy goat cheese peppercorn ranch dressing II Walleye Fritters Served with crispy leeks & a garlic caper remoulade III Seared Tuna Peppercorn crusted on a bed of sweet, roasted heirloom tomatoes and fresh herbs IV Lobster Mole An elegant twist on a […]

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Primavera Italiano Menu

Menus | Primavera Italiano (Italian Springtime) I Poached Scallop Salad Citrus, organic greens & a light vinaigrette II Italian Egg Drop Soup An Asian classic with Mediterranean flavors III Pasta Carbonara Delicate fresh pasta, artisan bacon, parmesan reggiano IV Braised Lamb In a rich red wine broth and served with creamy polenta V Mint White […]


Healthy Recipe: Extreme Granola

4 cups    rolled oats   1 cup    canola oil   1/2 cup    wheat germ   1 cup    honey   1/2 cup    oat bran   1 cup    maple syrup   1/2 cup    wheat bran   1 cup    molasses   1 Tbs    cinnamon   3 Tbs    vanilla […]


Spanish Tapas Menu

Menus | Spanish Tapas Spirit and Flavors of Spain I Spanish-Style Shrimp Slow-Poached Prawns, Browned Garlic, Dried Chili II Squash Gratin Smooth Manchego, Crispy Sage Leaves, Spicy Chorizo III Pear Almond Salad Field Greens, Spiced Marcona Almonds, WI Goat Cheese IV Pollo con Arroz (Chicken with Rice) Game Hen, Orange-Cumin Glaze, Saffron Rice V Cheesecake […]


Elegant Comfort Food Menu

Menus | Elegant Comfort Food Traditional Cooking with a Side of Surprise I Squash Crostini Roasted Squash, Gorgonzola, Balsamic Reduction II Cassoulet Tender Pork, Cannellini Beans, Crispy Herbed Breadcrumbs III Pumpkin Ravioli Brown Butter Sage Sauce, Parmesan Reggiano IV Meat & Potatoes Horseradish Crusted Beef Tenderloin, Buttery Root Vegetable Mashed Potatoes V Triple Chocolate Mousse […]


Seasonal Cornucopia Menu

Menus | Seasonal Cornucopia Savoring the transition from summer to fall I Italian Wedding Soup Rich Broth, Diced Vegetables, Chicken-Fennel Meatball II Caponata Spicy Italian Relish, House Made Flat Bread III Lasagna Roll-Up Grilled Vegetables, Creamy Herbed Cheese IV Braised Pork Apples, Herbs, Braising Jus V New York Cheesecake Classic Style, Tart Cream Topping, Sweet […]


Contrast and Complement Menu

Menus | Contrast and Complement Showcasing complexity of flavor while linking common traits I Brasciole Sicilian style, Italian Sausage, Roasted Vegetable Ragout II Carrot & Sweet Pea Soup Luxuriously Creamy, Beef Consume and Horseradish Accents III Prawns & Mushroom Rockefeller Star and Stuffing of Each IV Chicken & Eggplant Parmagiana Two Crisp Classics, Homemade Pasta, […]


Light and Fresco Menu

Menus | Light and Fresco I Fish Tacos Hand Pressed Corn Tortillas, Local Caught Walleye, Roasted Corn Salsa II Flatbread Pizza Garden Fresh Toppings III Chop Chop Salad Dry Salami, Cheese, Garbanzo Beans, Red Wine Vinaigrette IV Pasta Primavera with Herbed Filet Homemade Pasta, Garlic Sautéed Vegetables, Filet Mignon Medallion V Lemon Mousse Fluffy Ribbons […]


Meat and Potatoes, Summer-Style Menu

Menus | Meat and Potatoes, Summer-Style I Tea Smoked Ribs Rich, Smoked Flavor, Sweet Balsamic Glaze II Panzanella Salad Crusty Bread Cubes, Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette III Vichyssoise Creamy, Chilled Potato Soup, Fresh Herbs IV Chicken Caprese Chicken Breast, Buffalo Mozzarella, Ripe Tomatoes, Whole Leaf Basil V Tiramisu Cheesecake Classic Italian Flavors: Espresso, Marsala, Ladyfinger Crust […]


What is Back Pain?

You don’t need to be in the fitness industry to have heard the phrase “I have a bad back”.  What does that mean?  For years I, like many, just accepted that statement and let it go.  However, I now challenge and question that assertion.  I need to… it’s just too nebulous.  Is it an injury?  […]

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